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21 May, 2020     02 Sep, 2020

Fizzy Launcher

Fizzy Launcher is an app’ launcher for Windows! Start applications and open file shortcuts in fizzin’-style.


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Current version: alpha


  • Start your applications
  • Open file shortcuts
  • Hotkey for toggling the launcher
  • No ads
  • No installer required (msi installer available)
  • No warranty


Releases, Builds & Change Log

  • alpha (07/06/2020)
    • Fixed hotkey registration on start-up
    • Installer (MD5: 9909D7BB37FDD9524CB62579D76C4E97)
    • 7zip (MD5: 3E4B7071CA0B096E6BFC2FFAAE55141E)
  • alpha (23/05/2020)
    • Changed dialog border colour
    • Changed menu colours
    • Installer | 7zip
  • alpha (20/05/2020)

License and Warranty

This software is due to be released under the GPLv3 license.

All software on this website is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. The use of this software, in particular, is done solely at your own risk; with agreement that the original author is not liable for any damage (subsequently incurred) of any kind.


This software uses a number of dependencies and assets from third-parties. These developers and artists deserve due credit for their work and for their commitment to sharing their work freely. Each product is released under their own particular license, for more information please visit their websites.