I'm a software developer, full-time nerd and occasional human (while heavily caffeinated). This is a website for my personal blog, projects and anything vaguely interesting I have to share.

I'm a software developer. I specialise in working across multiple platforms, viz. desktop, Web technologies and mobile devices. I like the variety of work that comes from developing across platforms, systems and languages.

I like to learn anything that allows me do my job more efficiently. This has led me to managing DevOps, build Arduino and crimp some cables. More about that over on LinkedIn.

I love to read in my spare time. My tastes leans towards science-fiction, urban fantasy and young-adult; more about books over on Goodreads.

I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer. What I lack in talent I make up for with quantity. You can see some of my photos here in the gallery and on Flickr.

I love food. One day I might merge my interest in photography with my love of food. In the meantime, I make no apologies for posting a lot of food photos on Instagram.

I like working in coffee shops with my laptops and tablets. There's coffee, cakes and I like watching the people go by.

Well, that is me.

Software Specialty

  • .NET Framework (C#) (Windows Services, WinForms and User Controls)
  • AutoIt3
  • Tizen.NET
  • Xamarin.Forms (Android and iOS)

Web Specialty

  • AngularJS (1.2)
  • ASP 3 (Classic)
  • ASP.NET Framework (C#, MVC and Web Forms)
  • ASP.NET Core Framework
  • Chrome Extensions (CRX)
  • Episerver (Commerce, Community and Find)
  • jQuery
  • PHP 4+ (Apache and MySQL) (LAMP)
  • PHP 5+ (Nginx and MariaDB) (LEMP)
  • SignalR
  • Vue.js

Other Specialty

  • Git
  • Linux (CentOS and Ubuntu Server)
  • Mercurial (Hg)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Subversion (SVN)


Software: Fizzy Launcher

Software: Fizzy Launcher Fizzy Launcher is an app' launcher for Windows! Start applications and open file shortcuts in fizzin'-style.

Download, v0.1.1.158

Software: Bookmark Manager

Software: Bookmark Manager Bookmark Manager is a completely free utility for storing and organising your favourite Internet shortcuts.

Download, v0.3.0.031 β

Bootstrap JS: BSDialog4

Bootstrap JS: BSDialog4 BSDialog4 is a Bootstrap 4 JavaScript helper for modals. Add (and remove) modals to a page dynamically and load content with jQuery-AJAX.

Download, v0.1.0.001

Bootstrap JS: BSDialog

Bootstrap JS: BSDialog BSDialog is a Bootstrap 3 JavaScript helper for modals. Add (and remove) modals to a page dynamically and load content with jQuery/AJAX.

Download, v0.1.0.029a