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I'm a software developer, full-time nerd and occasional human (while heavily caffeinated).

Articles + Posts (Year: 2016)

  • 25 Dec, 2016
  • My everyday… Chrome Extensions
  • I use a variety of web browsers at work but I prefer to use Vivaldi and Chrome whenever I can. Recently, I found myself with three new computers to personalise for work and the home. This seemed like an excellent opportunity to review all of my existing Chrome extensions and find replacements. This is my updated list of essential everyday Chrome (and Vivaldi) Extensions.
  • 21 Aug, 2016
  • Bootstrap Helpers (BSHelper) – Part 1, Modal
  • In early 2014, I was introduced to Boostrap (front-end framework); 10 minutes later I was a true believer. As I've been using Bootstrap for a while, there are a few customisations to controls and behaviours that I've implemented. In this series of articles (at least one) I'm going to share a few of these customisation. I won't be modifying any Boostrap files. As always, these are my customisations they may not be to your liking.
  • 27 Apr, 2016
  • Parsing CSV in C#
  • Welcome to my first blog post.┬áHi, I'm Ray (psst! that's the name of this website). This is an easy exercise that I occasionally come across, parsing comma separated values (CSV). I've seen a lot of code purporting to do this on the Web but a lot of it doesn't work in practice. This is my take on parsing CSV's.

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