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Bookmark Manager

Bookmark Manager is a free utility for storing and organising your favourite Internet shortcuts.
Your bookmarks are stored in a locally saved file to give you complete control.

This is free open source software for Windows.

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  • Reads the webpage for its title, description and favicon
  • Supports favicons (with a local cache)
  • Supports password protection for your saved files
  • Supports unicode
  • Simple design
  • Open-source software
  • No installer, no ads


Change Log

  • 18/05/2019
        – Release: v0.3.0.018 beta
        – Changed: save button state change on content change
  • 28/04/2019
        – Release: v0.3.0.014 beta
        – Changed: improved favicon detection
  • 27/04/2019
        – Release: v0.3.0.013 beta
        – Changed: near-total rebuild
        – Changed: improved UI look
        – Changed: new save file format (Jsnx)
        – Changed: new icons (Feather)
  • 19/05/2017
        – Release: v0.2.0.082 beta
        – Changed: swapped out SQLite.Core library and helper
        – Changed: new yellow icon
        – Changed: HtmlAgilityPack to use nuget package
  • 12/01/2017
        – First public release
        – Release: v0.2.0.073 beta
        – Known issues: treeview drag-and-drop needs to be reworked
  • 09/01/2017
        – First beta release after major rebuild
        – Internal release: v0.2.0.068 beta
  • 16/10/2012
        – Final build before project is shelved
        – Internal release: v0.1.0.062 alpha
  • 29/09/2012
        – First alpha build
        – Internal release: v0.1.0.022 alpha
  • 11/09/2012
        – Project started

License and Warranty

This software is released under the GPLv3 license.

All software on this website is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. The use of this software, in particular, is done solely at your own risk; with agreement that the original author is not liable for any damage (subsequently incurred) of any kind.


This software uses a number of dependencies and assets from third-parties. These developers and artists deserve due credit for their work and for their commitment to sharing their work freely. Each product is released under their own particular license, for more information please visit their websites.



  • famfamfam Silk Icons
        – This is one of my favourite icon sets.
  • HtmlAgilityPack
        – An incredibly powerful HTML parser; essential for working with webpages.
  • RyzStudio Lite
        – This is some code and base classes for WinForms applications.
  • SharpZipLib
        – An excellent way to work with compressed file.
  • System.Data.SQLite.Core
        – An brilliant way to work with SQLite databases.
  • SQLite
        – The perfect standalone database for your local application.
  • SQLiteWrapper
        – This is my preferred .NET wrapper for SQLite3. It is powerful and easy to use.

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