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06 Feb, 2020

CSS: Quick and easy toggle switch control

Programming, CSS

A switch is a user interactive control with an on/off state that is commonly seen on mobile applications. They seem to have been based on the mechanical toggle switch. I’m a big fan of tactile mechanical switches but I digress.

When switching back and forth (pun intended) between developing on Xamarin.Forms and web sites, I’ve found that I much prefer the switch to a checkbox.

I’ve found a number of solutions to a switch online but most feel like they’re overly complicated. This is my implementation of a switch for websites (with Bootstrap 3 colours).

Let’s get started.


0. Preview
This is a preview of the CSS. I forgot to label the columns but they are from left-to-right:

  • Coloured-off
  • Off
  • coloured-on

You can mix the colours for when it is off and when it’s on. There is a “glow” when it is on.

CSS Switch Preview


1. Usage
The layout for the HTML is as below. Replace the switch-primary with the colour you wish to use.
Please note: the id of the checkbox-input.

<label class="switch switch-primary">
    <input id="switch1" type="checkbox" />
    <span class="switch-slider"></span>


Colour Class (when off) Class (when on)
Primary switch-off-primary switch-primary
Success switch-off-success switch-success
Info switch-off-info switch-info
Warning switch-off-warning switch-warning
Danger switch-off-danger switch-danger
Muted switch-off-muted switch-muted


2. Source Code

Code Repository


Well, that’s it from me.

I hope someone finds this interesting or useful.