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BSDialog is a JavaScript helper for improving Bootstrap 3 modals.
Add (and remove) modals to a page dynamically and load content with jQuery/AJAX.

Bootstrap 3 is required.

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  • Add (inject) and remove modals into a page
  • Load modal-content or modal-body from URL with jQuery-AJAX
  • Stack multiple modals


  • Create(id, title, url, [is_big], [update_body])

    id string Unique identifier for the modal, so you can refer to multiple modal
    title string Label at the top of the modal
    url string URL to load into the modal body
    is_big boolean Use large width or small width on the modal. (Optional. Default is false)
    update_body boolean Update modal-body with content, otherwise model-content. (Optional. Default is false)

    Creates the Modal on the page and loads the body from a URL. An existing box will be reused if the ID already exists.

    BSDialog.Create("123", "My Modal Box 123", "/my-modal-box.html");
    BSDialog.Create("123", "My Modal Box 123", "/my-modal-box.html", false);
    BSDialog.Create("123", "My Modal Box 123", "/my-modal-box.html", false, false);

  • Close(id)

    id string Unique identifier for the modal, so you can refer to multiple modal

    Close the Modal box by the box identifier.


  • Clear()

    Close all Modal boxes on the page.


Change Log

  • 27/07/2019
        – Release: v0.1.0.025
        – Added support for null URL
  • 07/07/2019
        – Release: v0.1.0.024
        – Major rewrite
        – Added support for modal-content and modal-body content update
  • 14/07/2015
        – Release: v0.1.0.023


This software uses a number of dependencies and assets from third-parties. These developers and artists deserve due credit for their work and for their commitment to sharing their work freely. Each product is released under their own particular license, for more information please visit their websites.

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