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25 Dec, 2016

My everyday… Chrome Extensions

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I use a variety of web browsers at work but I prefer to use Vivaldi and Chrome whenever I can. Recently, I found myself with three new computers to personalise for work and the home. This seemed like an excellent opportunity to review all of my existing Chrome extensions and find replacements.

My list of essential extensions hadn’t been updated in a while, some had been updated with malware and others didn’t quite work the way I remember. This is a list of my essential everyday Chrome (and Vivaldi) Extensions.

• Auto Refresh
    – Sometimes you just need to keep a session alive

• Copy Form
    – Every developer hates testing large forms, this extension is the bomb-diggidy

• DNS Overrider
    – A good replacement for HOST and localised DNS entries

• EditThisCookie
    – A nice straight-forward cookie editor

• Flash Video Downloader
    – I don’t use this a lot but it is occasionally very useful

• GetThemAll Video Downloader
    – Again, I don’t use this a lot but it is excellent

• Hasher
    – Sometimes, I need to encode, decode, escape and un-escape everything!

• I’m a Gentleman
    – ‘cos right-click-save-image is for people with too much time

• IP Address and Domain Information
    – For creepin’ on websites

• Multi Link Opener

• Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast
    – Super simple but powerful screen-shooter

• Open Multiple URLs

• Search by Image (by Google)

• Sky Live Http Headers
    – A developer’s best friend

• TinEye Reverse Image Search

• Web Developer
    – A developer’s second best friend

• YouTweak for YouTube™ – Subscription Manager
    – For all the features that YouTube has changed or refuses to add